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AEM 12+ FRS/BRZ Cold Air Intake


AEM 12+ FRS/BRZ Cold Air Intake

$623.99 CAD

AEM Induction Electronically Tuned Intake systems offer large horsepower and torque gains! These AEM ETI modules electronically adjust your mass air sensor to read proper air density, instead of a physical tube design change intended to "trick" the MAF reading. Maintaining the air intake tube diameter sends more airflow into the throttle body, and since there's no tube downsizing, there's no reduction in airflow or horsepower. The ETI systems accurately communicate with the sensor so that the right amount of fuel is delivered, even though the tube is larger than stock. These Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) systems are the next--and better--generation of air intake technology from AEM.

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