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Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker


Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker

$37.99 CAD


This coating agent creates super hydrophobic layer onto wheel surface, prevents brake dust adhesion and keeps beautiful condition for a long time.
Nano size lotus leaf coating agent prevents adhering water, brake dust and dramatically repells the dirt.
Only you have to do is wash wheels, wipe off water, remove oily component with included wipes, then spray and dry.
8 wheels are available to apply in 1 bottle.


  • 1. Remove wheel dirt with detergent and wipe off water.Then wipe off with included wipe to remove the dirt onto wheel surface completely.
  • 2. Shake the bottle well and spray 10cm away from wheel. Complete without wiping off. Dry 20min in summer (30℃), 60min in winter (10℃) Do not drive until it gets dry.
  • * Just after spraying, surface gets whiten or liquid streak looks unevenness, this symptom would disappear after time goes by. (If splay large amount, it remain whiten)
  • * Liquid may accumulated at the bottom of tires, in case wipe off with wrung towel before dry it. If liquid attaches other area, wipe off as well.

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