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Lighter LED Headlight Kits


Lighter LED Headlight Kits

$129.99 CAD $149.99 CAD

Actual Wattage: 28W
Operating Voltage: 6V-32V
Base Material: PBT industrial plastic
Light Body Material: Aluminum Copper
Protection Grade: IP68 Highest Waterproof Connector
Model Brightness: 5500 Lumens
Product Life: Over 35000 hours

• Save 85% more energy than Halogen bulb
• World’s brightest LED headlight
• Heat insulation technology for safer and steadier product
• Made in USA LED element
• Further light projection, 6000K delivers light up to 200 meter
• Better concentrated light than HID type of headlights
• Long operating life
• Unified construction
• Operating temperature +300 degree to -50 degree

Our product delivers long lasting light. Others fade and deteriorate over time

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