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BaysonR A Style Front Splitters - Honda Civic 2Dr / 4Dr


BaysonR A Style Front Splitters - Honda Civic 2Dr / 4Dr

$159.99 CAD

Please Read These Instructions Thoroughly Prior to Installation

  • Test Fit All Parts Prior to Prepping, Paint and Final Installation
  • Contact Us Immediately If There Is Any Fitment Issues or Appears To Be Damaged
  • Please Note It Is You and Your Body Shop’s Responsibility to Test Fit the Parts Prior to Prep, Paint, and Installation.
  • We Will Not Reimburse Painting/Prep Work or Installation Fees.


Out of shape???

This product is made of Polyurethane or Urethane and is intended to be more flexible than fiberglass.  If the item is out of shape, it will return to its original shape by following these steps:

  1. Leave the item in its original plastic bag sealed, on a sunny day ideally 70+ degrees temperatures on a flat surface for at least 30 Min. to 1 Hr. depending on the temperature.
  2. Add additional weight to areas that are needed, until the desire results are achieved.


Alternative Method- Heat Gun

  1. Use a heat gun, if you do not have access to a heat gun you may use a strong hair dryer.
  2. Apply the heat about 1ft. away from the area you are working on but do not leave the heat on one area for more then 2-3 min. as this may cause damage to the surface. You can make small quick passes over the area you working to evenly distribute the heat.
  3. Once the item is back to its desired shape you may leave the item to cool down with a fan if accessible, if not you can leave it to cool at room temp.


NO Returns or Exchanges
If The Item is Painted or Installed on the Vehicle
We Appreciate Your Understanding

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