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ITEKT Windshield Hydrophobic Nanotechnology Protection Kit


ITEKT Windshield Hydrophobic Nanotechnology Protection Kit

$59.95 CAD

For any vehicle owner, cars are one of life's biggest - and most important - investments. So why not protect your investment and give it the TLC it needs and deserves while ensuring your own safety and security?

During testing, we found that our revolutionary ITEKT Windshield hydrophobic liquid glass protectant is highly repellent and ensures water, oil, and dirt stick less to the glass while offering additional benefits to you and your vehicle.
Made from all-natural components, the ITEKT Windshield protective coating is totally invisible, silicone-free, easy to apply and increases the resistance of the glass by 20%. The real deal!

    • Water repellent up to one year
    • Helps to repel dirt, snow, ice and insects
    • 20% superior shatter and scratch resistance
    • Improved visibility during harsh weather conditions
    • Easy 15-minute application
    • Flawless, streak-free finish
    • Silicone-free
    • No discoloration with UV light
    • Reduces washer fluid consumption

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