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Superspeed Flow Form RF04


Superspeed Flow Form RF04

$335.70 CAD

The Superspeed RF04 Wheel is designed with gorgeous five split spoke that has an amazing hollow pocket that is greatly influenced by European design. This incredible wheel is immensely inspired by the traditional split spoke design, and Superspeed crafted additional pattern in line with their signature touches for this latest wheel model. The artistic hollow pockets provides extra support for the primary spoke, and they are the perfect aesthetic and serves well as a cosmetic function, as well as this design is intended for saving weight.

The Superspeed RF04 Wheels can be purchased in two forms, one is 19 x 8.5 Face 1 concave, 20 x 9.01 Face 1 concave, and 20 x 10 Face 2 deep concave. The Superspeed RF04 is compatible for the applications for nearly all Performance cars and SUVs that have staggered fitments. The Superspeed RF04 Wheel is built with BBK Clearance that offers optimum brake clearance for the application of SUVs and modern performance vehicles. This wheel is made with the most premium materials, and it is engineered to last for many years to come. This wheel series is highly durable, and it is extremely reliable and strong. With RF04 Wheel, your ride is made more amazing.


  • Uses the Flow Formed Technology
  • Five Split-Spoke Design
  • With Hollow Pocket that Adds Support to the Main Spoke and Saves Weight
  • Available in Two Faces
  • With Matte Gunmetal Finish
  • Available in 19 Inch and 20 Inch Diameter Sizes
  • Covers Most Applications with Staggered Fitment
  • With Drop Center Barrel Ensuring maximum Clearance

Superspeed specializes in top quality aftermarket wheels that are sure to set you apart from the rest. Looking for stylish new looks for your wheels has never been easier. Utilizing Flow Form technology, one of the most advanced technologies when it comes to wheel manufacturing, Superspeed provides nothing but exceptional products. Not only that, Superspeed is incredibly the first in Canada to use Flow Form on 19” wheels. A wide selection of wheels or various colors and constructions awaits you.

Superspeed wheels are JWL and VIA approved and feature a solid Alloy material. With a 2-year warranty, Superspeed ensures that you are guaranteed quality in the long-term.

Superspeed's mission is simple: Dedication and Concentration. With experience of over 10 years in the aftermarket wheel industry, Superspeed has the know-how and technology to help you make heads turn. Be it the designing, engineering, manufacturing, or packaging, Superspeed never compromises on quality.

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